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Skillfoundry: Video Learning resources for Electrotechnology

  • With animated circuit diagrams to explain plus close up demonstrations Skillfoundry videos offer ‘step by step’ guidance.
  • A learning resource for the Classroom, guidance in the workshop or self-study.
  • With interactive quizzes for learners to check their knowledge.
  • For learners studying EAL and City & Guilds courses.

Initial Verification Tests

  • Safe isolation.
  • The Dead and Live Tests presented in the order described in IEE Guidance Notes No.3.
  • Completing the Schedule of Test Results.

Fault Finding

  • An introduction to Fault Analysis and Diagnosis.
  • Each Fault is Analysed using a Flowchart plus a video demonstrating a Diagnosis method

The Toolkit

  • Colourful animated circuit videos offer a ‘step by step’ explanation of how Circuits & Components operate.
  • 2 way & intermediate switching, motor starter circuits – DoL, Star-Delta, Y, S and S Plan Plus circuits, the Earth Fault Loop for TT, TN-S and TN-C-S, RCD operation. Plus much more.