Learning Resources for Electrotechnology

For anyone studying or revising Electrotechnology but especially for Learners studying City & Guilds: 2365 level 2 & level 3; 2394/5 and EAL diplomas inc.1605

Initial Verification Tests

Using a typical test board these videos explain & clearly demonstrate the Initial Verification Tests. They are presented in the order described in the IET’s Guidance Notes No.3

  • Preparing for Testing including Safe Isolation.
  • Dead Tests:
    • Continuity of Protective Conductors.
    • Continuity of Ring Circuits – the 3 steps.
    • Insulation Resistance – both for the Installation & for Final Circuits
    • Polarity – power circuits & lighting circuits inc ES lampholders.
  • Live Tests:
    • Ze measurement
    • Zs measurements
    • RCD Tests
    • Prospective Fault Current.

Please note: The video in this section depict tests carried out on low voltage (230v) electrical equipment. These tests should not be attempted unless you are a suitably qualified and competent person or under the direct supervision of a suitably qualified and competent person.


A set of animated graphics videos which show in detail, ‘step by step’, how circuits & electrical system components operate plus Ring circuit theory.

  • Installation overview: shows how final circuits are connected in parallel to each other
  • Earthing:
    • Earth Fault Loop for TT, TN-S and TN-C-S systems
    • Parallel Earth paths through Bonding conductors
  • Protective devices : the operating principle of Circuit Breakers, RCDs & HRC fuses
  • Circuits:
    • 2 way & intermediate switching; 3 pole fan isolator & Fluorescent lamp circuit
  • Motor Starters : DoL inc Inch Control, Star – Delta & Autotransformer
  • Heating control : Y Plan, S Plan & S Plan Plus circuits
  • Theory: Ring circuit calculation

Fault Finding

The Fault Finding module uses a unique flowchart to analyse faults

  • Initial Analysis – check the simplest possibility first.
  • Symptom, Cause, Reason.
  • Determine the Test method to use for Diagnosis
  • Video demonstrating a method to Diagnose it.


  • Fractions
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Exponents
  • S.I Units