Skillfoundry: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. The videos do not play when I click on them. What should I do?

If the videos do not play or you cannot access the Skillfoundry website on your computer please check the following:

  • Your web browser version.
  • Your internet browser allows Javascript.
  • Your firewall/internet security does not block the Skillfoundry website or video content.

Please see the FAQs below for more information on these issues

Q. Which web browsers does the Skillfoundry website work with?

Skillfoundry can be used on a number of web browsers. Although we do our best to ensure our pages and videos work on older versions, it is always best to ensure you have the most up to date browser available. We certainly recommend any of the following:

Q. I have a firewall installed. What do I need to do to access the Skillfoundry website?

If you are accessing Skillfoundry from a college network or have a firewall installed and you're not able to view or the Skillfoundry videos do not play, or you are receiving a pnf18 error message, you may need to amend your security/firewall settings. Your Network Administrator or IT Support Team may have to do this for you.

Whitelist URL's

  • *
  • *


Any one of the following ports must be open:

  • 80
  • 443
  • 1935

Q. What internet speed do I need to play the Skillfoundry videos?

You will need a good broadband connection to play the Skillfoundry videos. It is difficult to specify a minimum speed requirements but a connection of 1 megabit per second should be sufficient depending on what else is running on your computer/network.

Q. I have a Pop Stopper installed. What should I do to view the slide shows?

The Skillfoundry website slide shows are played in a popup window. If you have a Popup Stopper installed please allow popups from the Skillfoundry website. Please note: we do not use advertising or other popups on our site.

Q. Javascript is disabled on my browser will the Skillfoundry website work?

The Skillfoundry website uses javascript to automate some aspects of the website. If you have Javascript disabled the website will not work. Pease see your browser help or IT Support team for information on how to enable Javascript in your browser.

Q. Does the Skillfoundry website use cookies?

The Skillfoundry website only uses cookies when you have a subscription and you sign in to the website. Allowing a Skillfoundry cookie is part of our terms and conditions.

A Skillfoundry cookie is used to store a session identifier when a subscriber signs in to the website. This cookie contains no personal data. The cookie is destroyed when a member signs out or there is no use by the signed in subscriber for more than 20 minutes.